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Auto Window Tinting

Auto window tinting is the application of a thin, multi layered, polyester film that when applied to your vehicle, assures a feeling of privacy, comfort, style, and safety. It is an highly cost effective investment into your vehicle that should not be overlooked, here is why.

  • Glare Reduction - Restrict harsh sun light and minimize eye strain while commuting, all without affecting outbound visibility.
  • Privacy - Keep yourself and your valuables undetected by creating a one-way mirror effect either parked or driving.
  • Safety - The adhesive layer can help hold shattered glass together in case of an accident.
  • Heat Reduction - Increased comfort by entering a cooler vehicle in the summer months. Films designed to reject solar energy.
  • UV protection - Over a period of time, constant exposure from the sun can be damaging to your skin and overall health. Window tint can protect you from 99% of the suns harmful of UV rays.
  • Aesthetics - Choose from a variety of complementary tones suited to enhance the look of your vehicle.
  • Eco friendly - Window tinting can help regulating your cabin temperature, which then helps lower your energy costs and carbon footprint.
  • Cost Effective - Keep your cars value high by preventing sun damage to your furnishings, fabrics, and dashboard.

Experience the benefits to Fenix 360 professional auto window tinting services, backed by a lifetime warranty! Our highly trained auto window tinting specialists use only premium quality products, sourced from our industries leading manufacturers by using our state of the art "Computerized Film Cutting System". Our XPeEL prime auto window tinting film is laser cut precisely to spec. It also comes in a variety of different shades to compliment your vehicle aesthetically, all while complying with Ontario‘s laws and regulations.

This shaded window tint is a mixture of polyurethane, UV blockers, and premium dye that is extruded into a microthin sheet, which is then coated by a second UV blocker and adhesive for added protection and longevity. Servicing Hamilton, Burlington, Dundas, Ancaster, Stoney Creek, Grimsby, and nearby southern Ontario communities, contact Fenix 360 Auto's professional window tinting experts for a free quote today!

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