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Auto Protection Film

Designed to look great and to stand up to some of Canada's harshest weather conditions, Fenix 360 auto offers a clear polyurethane paint protection film expertly engineered to guard your vehicles exterior all year round. Prevent surface damage from chips, scratches, fading, fluid staining, insects, weathering, and keep the life of your vehicles aesthetic appearance for years to come.

Our XPEL Ultimate Self-Healing paint protection film is offered in multiple coverage options suited to fit your needs and budget. Take pride in your vehicles appearance all year long, firmly protecting the resale value of one of your most important investments. The paint protection film's durable, state of the art technology was first formalized to protect the exterior of helicopters during the Vietnam war. This high quality film has held the test of time, and is still recognized as one of the leading industry vehicle surface protectors.

From the common commuter, to the automobile enthusiast, paint protection film is growing in popularity for individuals who desire to maintain their manufacturer’s paint job. Servicing customers in Hamilton, Burlington, Dundas, Ancaster, Stony Creek, Grimsby, and nearby southern Ontario communities, get in touch with our team here at Fenix 360 auto and request a free quote today!

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